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Commissions Status

~ Now taking commissions for painted feathers and drums ~

Please feel free to inquire about general drawing and painting commissions however I am not taking these until further notice. I have a number of my own pieces and projects I wish to start on.

These links are for the various commissions I offer:

8 1/2 x 11 simple drawing 


Feather Paintings

Drum Paintings

Logos and Design

Artist Statement

I have been a Professional Artist for over 25 years now and in that time I have learned a great deal about running my business and working with clients. I know that I will not be able to please every single person that crosses my path but I have a high 98% percent ratio of satisfied customers. I would rather that be a 100% but, like I said, you can't please everyone. Of the few negative experiences, I have learned a great deal from and thus have decided to put together a rules and facts list. I want my clients to know that I will handle each job professionally and personably, with an individual touch to needs and details. I keep a log of all of my dealings in case there is any issues on the part of either parties while the piece is being created. This is rarely the case but none the less a good practice to have. I am ever in gratitude to the continued support I receive for my art. Without you, I would not be doing this for a living. At the same time I am not to be used or abused for the sake of a dollar or someone else's personal issues, thus the rules and facts list is necessary. If there is any doubt of my credibility and professionalism, please check out my 'Testimonial Page'. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My business email is: orders@dancingwolf.com

Commission Facts and Rules:

All commissions require a 50% deposit or paid in full to start. Installment plans are available but nothing will be started till the 50% is reached. Please email the artist for more details.

All commissions get one to two sketch revisions if it is a 2-D painting or drawing before the piece is started. After that, it is hard to make changes and additioanl fees may apply. Feather paintings are improvised so it is impossible to offer this. Drum paintings fall in the same category. Though a rough drawing on the drum head can be shared and adjusted as needed in this stage. When it comes to the two latter requests, it is important for the client to make sure all the information is given up front to create the piece.

The Artist is not a 'sketch' artist. Most of the work is done in the painting stage so 'sketches' given for a commission are usually loose and lack allot of fine detail. The Artist spends allot of 'mental work' on a piece and calls this 'mind sketching' A term used for working on a piece mentally instead of physically and is just as valuable as a physical sketch of the image. If a piece is refered to in this fashion, it is being worked on.

The work on the Artist's web site is the style of art created and what the client will get. A unique quality piece of art in the Artist's style. The Artist does not recreate existing designs or another Artist's style or work. A similar looking image of the Artist's work can be suggested, but will not duplicated.

When commissioning a piece or buying an original, rights to use the piece for logos, reproduction, advertising, etc... are not included. That is a separate deal and will need to be negotiated under a different contract and seperate fee will be applied.

Most of the Artist's painting is done late Autumn/ Winter/ Spring since the rest of the year is not as condusive to creating art. However, each commission and project is handled individually and if it can be finished in the off season, it will. The client will be informed of a time frame and welcome status reports around that time. If a mutually agreed deadline is not given, then the piece falls into a 'as the Spirit moves' queue. This means it will be done in the timeframe that right to produce it. The client is encouraged to keep the channels of communication open and state their needs up front.

A commission will not be started till all information is given to the Artist. If during the commission process, it changes into another project, it is considered a new commission. The Artist will not drop everything to do the piece regardless of how old the original commission is. It will at that point enter into a new queue of current commissions and will be done in a timely professional way.

The Artist reserves the right to post completed art, progress shots or discuss commissions on the artist's online accounts as the Artist sees fit unless they are gifts or private projects. This does not mean the Artist is not working on other commissions or projects. Posting rude inquiries on the Artist's online pages will not be tolerated and is subject to the particular commission/ client being dropped with no refund. Feel free to contact the artist if an update is needed. Assume - ing makes an Ass of u and me!

If for a legitimate reason during the process of the commission, the client or Artist does not wish to continue with the piece, a kill fee will be issued of 50% of the full price. The Artist has the right to finish and resell the terminated piece or materials purchased to complete the piece. Any client that is rude and belligerent to the Artist during the commission process will automatically be dropped with -no- refund.

Abandoned art happens. It is the responsibility of the client to keep the Artist up to date with address changes and contact information. If a piece sits for a year because of this issue, the Artist has the right to resell it with no refund to the client.

Current Queue ~ Updated 8 Feb 2016

Riff Portrait Feather painting - Waiting for pics

Buffalo Herd - Not strated yet