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Use of Artwork and Copyright Info

Everything on these pages is Federally copyrighted and Digitally copyrighted for the web, 1986 to 2011. If you want to use my artwork on your page in a -not for profit- way, please contact me of your use and intent. I have a few rules you must follow to protect me and you.

My copyright and name must be included and visible with the artwork.

A link back to my site is to accompany the artwork. I also have banners for your use as well located below.

Email your URL address the art is being featured

The artwork can not be used for profit without a contract. If you wish to venture into a money making deal, please contact me about licensing.

I believe in the honor system and please respect my copyright. We are on the internet allot and so are numerous friends and fans. I will not handle lightly violations brought to my attention!

You are welcome to link to my site using one of these banners. You will need to do a 'print screen' option to use them.

I am not doing any kind of banner exchange.