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Sandra SanTara - Windwolf Studio - Prints of Shamanic and Totem images

Logos and design work 

I charge by the hour.  My price is $30.00 an hour

On the average, it amounts to about $270.00 and up

For this price you get not only the piece but the publishing rights too.  

It will be sent to you as the original and on disk.

I do Pen and Ink. 

Color is done as a separate image from the Pen and Ink.

 I can also do Pencil.

Here are some samples:

 Logo for Blue Rose Consulting

Above,  the Pen and Ink version and below, color tinted version.


Logo done for a Store called Hoot Owl Attic

Above the Pen and Ink version they received and 

below,  the ad they did with it.


More Samples, click here