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Sandra SanTara - Windwolf Studio - Testimonials

Testimonials from happy customers!

Updated March 2011

It came today!  I am so pleased!  It's even more stunning than in the picture and the dark frame is beautiful!
When people ask, and I'm sure they will, I definitely give them your name and website.  Thank you so very much.


Thanks for re-sending.  It's perfect!!!  You captured him just exactly as he wants to be remembered.

THANK YOU so much for this.  When we receive it and get it hung, we will send you a photo of it on the wall with the other prints and the quilt.



 A few years back I bought a tshirt at a SciFi convention in Madison Wisconsin that was one of your designs.  It is dark purple with a white dragon, the signature has a date of 1995. I wanted to let you know that I have loved that shirt and worn it often since then.  It looks as good today as it did when I bought it.  Excellent quality!  I wore it to work the other day and somebody asked me about the design.  Out of the blue I decided to google you and found this website.  I am so pleased to see that you are still designing and selling your work.  I plan on doing some of my Christmas shopping on your site. 

Thank you.


Received, I'm very satisfied.  Looks great up on my wall.  May all your works be blessed with inspiration.


Hey Sandra thanks for painting that for me! She loved it! She keeps talking about it all the time, your the best Sandra!

I'll never forget this!



I believe that I met you years ago at a SCA event in Louisville , KY in December.  Your work was amazing, and I wondered whatever became of you. Your wildlife art is gorgeous, as well as your fantasy work.  The feather paintings need to be in galleries. At any rate, it's great to see that you are still around, and bringing beauty into the world.

Take care!


Hi Sandra,

My order arrived yesterday. I couldn't be more pleased! It's beautiful. Thank you so much! I'm sure I'll be ordering more items in the future.

Thanks again.



I got the painting and it is absolutely AMAZING!!!! The detail is unbelievable. My friend is going to love it. You truly are an outstanding art ist, and even more outstanding in this medium. Thank you SO much!!!!! I will definitely be commissioning pieces by you again!



Just wanted to let you know that the print arrived in great shape. And just as lovely as I remembered.




I gave my dad his turkey feather this weekend.  Both of my parents loved it.  He plans on taking it with him when he goes on a trip so that he can show it to his friends - all across the US.  He'll be driving from VA to North Carolina and onto Texas.  Thanks again.


'Seasonal Centaurs Series'  Sandra,

The matting is beautiful. Thanks again. The pictures arrived in excellent condition.


I just wanted to thank you for your quick response on my order. Everything arrived on Friday, in perfect timing for the Saturday birthday party. I'm passing around the information about your website, and letting everyone know how pleased I am with your beautiful work.

Thanks again,

I have seen painted feathers .....but yours are the nicest I have ever seen.



The print has arrived safely and my wife is very pleased with it. Many thanks and have a good holiday,


Dear Sandra San Tara,

My wife and I loved every single moment we spent inspecting your beautiful website. We certainly can't wait to place our orders and will do so soon, when I have called all my friends together and have shared this site with them. So a expect a fairly biiiiiiiiiiiig order coming from South Africa. I have already started sending emails to all and sundry to encourage them to visit your web pages....and buy....and give it to me. I'd love to market your magnificent Tshirts and sweatshirts locally. I am sure you must be doing so well that you do not need me to push it along this end. In great admiration for your enormous talent, and in gratefulness for your work of bringing such beauty into the world.


Jacobus Swart

Hi Sandra!

I ordered the original feather painting "On the Ridge" from you for my Mother earlier this year for her birthday.  She LOVES it!  I kept meaning to write to you (actually I kept meaning for her to write to you, but she is THE WORST procrastinator ever, even if she has good intentions!), and haven't gotten to it.  So what better time to tell you how wonderful it is, than with another order?  This is so exciting that you are offering feather prints now, I think that's great! 

Thanks again!  "On the Ridge" is a masterpiece, and it has a place of honor!


all i can say is...................WOW!!!! totaly rad site!!! and i'm going to order a t-shirt!!!!


Just wanted to let you know that the prints arrived yesterday and they are AWESOME!! I'm at the web page now looking for my next purchases. :-)



The wolf came today.  I is wonderful!  Exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Kim Parrott

The shirt arrived yesterday, it's gorgeous! Just thinking about my new gryphon shirt makes me super smiley all over. Thank you for the great service.

- Jocelyn

Hi Sandra, Wow you're quick!  The "Wolf Hearts" turned out VERY nicely and I very much appreciate your getting it to me so quickly.  I like the eye color and general layout and can tell you put your heart and soul into it.  I am sure there will be other opportunities to share your creations with others and will contact you again.  Thank you again for everything, there is no doubt my friend will appreciate this wonderful gift.


'On the Ridge' Original......


It came today!  I love it, it's amazing how you can put so much picture in that defined of a space.  Thank you so much for making it for me!  I know she'll love it, the hard part will be holding out until her birthday to give it to her.  She and I both have no willpower when it comes to keeping presents a secret, we're usually just so excited to share it!  I showed it around at work today and had several people interested in your website. Thank you again, and I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me in the future!  It's beautiful!


Aloha:) I just wanted to let you know that your work is very beautiful and inspiring! I have been wanting to do some shields (mandellas) and now after seeing  your beautiful work on leather and feathers, your site gave me the inspiration I needed, getting tired of painting harleys:) thanks for the inspiration:) aloha nui aikane, runswithwind``````--------------------------------------------->

Guardian of the Trailer Parks......


I so absolutely adore it -- you did a marvelous job!!!!


AMAZING - wonderful! He was speachless - then kept laughing pointing out details!


Samantha Star Straf

I received my order today and I must say I am quite impressed. The great care you took in packing the art was obvious and it arrived safely. We cant wait to display them at our shop and we have the spot already cleared out (I also have all three displayed on my home wall :>).

Blessed Be and Live Free
The Precipice

Hi Sandra, just wanted to let you know I received the feather about a week ago........IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! He will love it! Thanks again.

Shawn DallaGuardia

From: Channain

Imagine my surprise when the mailman appeared at my door on Sunday! They must be really behind with the holidays and the wonderful weather here in Minnesota.

The piece is wonderful and I am terribly pleased with the way the blue roan turned out.



Just wanted to let you know the T-shirts arrived safely today. They're beautiful! I know my friends will really enjoy them.

Thanks again,

Hello Sandra, I received your print and T-shirt today and I am very happy with it. The items are very beautiful. I saw the photo's of the feather painting. That is amazing. I never saw something like that before. Unfortunately they are too expensive for me, but I realize that they are worth it.


Hello Sandra SanTara,
I just wanted to give you a note, that the print arrived in one piece about two weeks ago. I am fully satisfied. I am a forest activist starting to gather information and material on the Green Man and related myths (Cernunnos etc.). Perhaps some day I can use it somehow.
Greetings,  Keno


I thought that I would drop you a line. Your art work is amazing. I have never seen any art work done on feathers. The feathers are the best thing that I have ever seen. I have always enjoyed the art work of Native American. I come from a family of painters. They are very creative, but I don't think that they would have ever thought of painting on feathers. Your art work is great.



I got a shirt from you a few months back--Guardian of the Moors, and I wanted to say, Thank you!  I love it. 


To Whom It May Concern: I just visited the website displaying Sandra's work, and I wanted to send her a message of how much I enjoyed her work. Looking through the pics, I was truly amazed and touched. Now, these pics are what I call "true art". May she continue to create always, for each piece is truly inspired, and I'm sure they have an enormous affect on the energies of everyone that sees them.

Brightest Blessings


I received the Guardian of the Moon shirt in the mail today.  Thank you for your great timing and seemingly unlimited patience with me.  I look forward to seeing your new work in the future.


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