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To Place An Order

You can place your order through our convenient online shopping cart system, where the following is accepted: Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Credit card details are collected using an SSL secured server. Please do not email credit card info, it is not secure. You are welcome to call with your credit card information.  Even email me and tell me you wish to order and I will be happy to call you! 


Checks and Money Orders, please use the printed form link and send your payment in with the form. Make sure to check on availability of an item, total cost, and shipping before sending a Check or Money Order. Make Checks and Money orders out to Windwolf Studio, Inc.

Click here to print an order form

I have a PayPal account if you prefer. Please use the email on this page.
Also, I take Cash if given personally, please do not send it through the mail.

Windwolf Studio Information

Mailing Address:
Windwolf Studio, Inc.
PO Box 739
Cedar Crest, NM 87008

Phone Number:
505 281 2695

Email address:

Prints and T-shirts ordered will be shipped within a few days of the order but can take up to 1 - 4 weeks delivery depending on availibilty, show schedule, and couier method. Please specify in your order if you need something as a gift for a specific time and if it needs to be shipped a certain way. We will be in touch with you on the status of an order if need be.

2016 US Holiday ordering and Shipping schedule

In stock orders will be shipped within a day or two of receiving them. If you want your item to arrive in time before Christmas, Dec 25th, all normal Fed Ex ground, US Priority Mail, First Class Mail shipping rates will be offered till the Dec. 20th for US shipping. International Holiday shipping date cut off is Dec 8th. After that, Overnight and Fed Ex Express will apply depending on the distance of course. Please do not hesitate to let me know you need it shipped express!

Otherwise, non Holiday shipping rates and schedule apply as normal.

Attention Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM Customers!

Local - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and surrounding area, I am happy to deliver orders of a $100.00 or more! Please email me for more info!

Shipping charges

Prices are for US Priority mail or Federal Express ground and are just quotes but not the final price. UPS and Express services are extra, call or email for quote.

Prints and T-shirts

Framed Prints - Glass

Plexiglas is in frames 20 x 24 and larger

Dollar amount

Shipping cost

Dollar amount

Shipping cost

$0.00 - $22.00

$6.00 - $8.00

$0.00 - $30.00

$8.00 - $12.00

$22.00 - $44.00


$31.00 - $40.00


$45.00 - $60.00


$41.00 - $55.00


$61.00 - $100.00


$56.00 - $149.00


$101.00 - $150.00


$150.00 - $250.00


$151.00 - $200.00


$251.00 - $450.00


$201.00- $300.00


$451.00 - $600.00


$301.00 - $400.00


$601.00 +

Call or email for quote

International Shipping and Handling Rate Quotes- International Postal

(Retail Only)

1 shirt

2 to 3



(Retail Only)

1 print

2 to 3



Duties and any other charges are the responsibility of the recipient. 

If you want to order something but you have have questions before you wish to use our online secure shopping cart, see if an original is still available, check on the status of an order or inquire about wholesale information, write or call the above address or e-mail.