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Welcome to the page devoted to the Pennsic War T-shirt I do every year for the SCA event Pennsic War held in August. I started attending and merchanting in 1994.  Two years later I decided in 1996 for Pennsic War 25,  to create a T-shirt to celebrate the aniversary.  I never thought it would become such a hit and a yearly tradition! Thank you all for your continued support!  

Each year,  I like to do a different cultural theme featuring my anthropomorphized East Kingdom - the tiger and Middle kingdom -- the dragon.  In the last few years,  I started do front and back full color which has been very well received.  Now I have gone back to a unique traditional approach of the T-shirt, not losing the creativity that has made it so popular.

Pennsic War T-Shirt Ordering Page

If you are interested in attending the War or want to know more about it,  please go to these links:

My booth at Pennsic War

So here is the secession of designs starting with my most recent.

Pennsic War XLV

~~ Took a break from War ~~

Pennsic War XLIV

~~ Beastiary Illuminated ~~

Pennsic War XLIII

~~ Game of Thrones ~~


Pennsic War XLII

~~ Honor, Fellowship, Virtue, and Glory~~

Pennsic War XLI

~~ Make Joust Not War~~

Medieval Jousting! May the games begin!

Pennsic War XL

~~ Medieval Illuminations~~

To celebrate the 40th year of Pennsic War I planned a classic Medieval Illumination design. I had a fun time creating the piece and making it so very colorful!

Pennsic War XXXIX

~~ Norse Knot~~

A color version of an older black and white design I did for the back side of Pennsic War XXXIV. A bronzed Norse Knot featuring the East and Middle kingdoms accompanied by a Thor's Hammer.

Pennsic War XXXVIII

~~ Coat of Arms~~

Long overdue to do a design for the T-shirt this year that is very traditional. I even made the tiger blue! Had a great deal of fun researching it and even translating the English to Latin. The Latin reads ' Kingdoms of the Known World' and then below is 'To Honor' and then 'To Victory'

Pennsic War XXXVII

~~ Celtic Knot~~

New Pennsic War tee for this year, a revision of a old war back tee design from Pennsic War XXXII. Mainly because it is a cool design and I am lazy. :P
One sided only this time, nothing fancy and will be available in all the usual colors.
I colored it in Photoshop, that was fun with no Wacom tablet but I got her dun!

Pennsic War XXXVI

~~ Spartan Warriors ~~

Backside of tee and the logo for this year.

I am using a more Greek style lettering but will let my printer add it this time.

I could not help myself. After doing last year's Persian theme and the movie 300, I had to do a Spartan theme. I like the way the logo came out this year.

Pennsic War XXXV

~~ Persian Warriors ~~

Persian Tiger Warrior -- above

This years theme is Persia. I had allot of fun researching it and its connections to Egyptian and Babylonian cultures. I wanted to hold to the Persian look of the stone carvings I checked out but with some animated realisum as well.

Persian Dragon Warrior -- below

Pennsic War 35 back logo -- below

Persian Gryphons and the Ahura Mazda


Pennsic War XXXIV

Norse Invasion

Above is the front design.  So to counteract last years theme, this year I give an invasion of plundering, blood and all out Viking may lay. You asked for it. :)

Below is the back piece

If you wish to order ahead of the war, go to my T-shirt page to order one. I can ship you one after the war or have it ready for you at war. This is good for those big sizes I always run out of.


Pennsic War XXXIII

Romance and Chivalry theme

Above is the front design.  I decided to go with a change from the all male fighting scenes for a little romance and forbidden love.  This would be the second lovers theme. I particularly liked this one but some people were upset that I did such a departure.

Below is the back piece minus the Pennsic War lettering is printed top and bottom.

I still have T-shirts available of this one at a discount.  Go to my T-shirt page to order one.

Pennsic War XXXII

Celtic Warriors

This is the first time I decided to go full color and I think is the best one I have done so far.  It was very well received and sold out.  

Below is the back which had the Pennsic War letting on top and bottom.


Pennsic War XXXI

Mongolian Horse Archers

I had fun creating this one since I put either the Tiger or the Dragon on the front with the opposing one on the back.  It looked like they were chasing each other around the T-shirt!  Which was the plan.  The Tiger on the front was the most popular of the two.

The Shield design below was done as a separate design.  I took the risk in doing two designs that year and it worked out pretty good.  The reason I did the Shield was because the previous year,  I did a similar shield for the back piece of that years design and left out some important kingdoms! So I felt obligated to correct my mistake and did this design.  Of course, now there is another kingdom left out... my own Northshield became a kingdom in October of 2004. 

Interestingly enough,  another T-shirt merchant at the 2002 war did a shield design too but in full color.  Gee... I wonder where they got that ideal?  So folks were more inclined to buy the colored one then my black and white. Sigh! So I discounted them and are going away slowly but surely!

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