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Here are some great links to some of my favorite artistic and informative sites.

Favorite Artist's links

Estrange T-shirts and gifts

Goldenwolf Art

The Art of Pam Burton

Waterhawk Creations

Paul B. Rucker

L.A. Williams

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Imbas Creations

Leopard's Leap

The Art of Lucy Synk

Dark Natasha

The Foxloft

The Art of Katie Hofgard

Dragondust Studios

Johanna's Art - Celtic Circle Studio

Nemo's Utopia

Nancy Chien-Eriksen

Diana Harlan Stein

Robin Wood

Bob Eggleton

Henri Peter


Amulets by Merlin

David Freeland

Crafty Celtics

Merimask Designs

Dragonscale Jewelry


Enlight 'n Motion

Favorite Gallery and Shop links


Griffin's Grove, Inc.

Renaissance and Medieval links

SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism

Renaissance Faire Magazine listings

Pennsic War

Spiritual, Native American,Pagan links

The Witch's Voice

The Celestine Prophecy

Gathering of Nations Pow Wow site

Lakota Dakota Information page

Star IQ

Wildlife and Earth links

Earth and Sky

The Owl Pages

The Wolf Portal

Birds of Prey

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center

Music links

Douglas Spotted Eagle


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