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This piece is part of the ‘Spirit Shield’ series which is loosely based on the ‘Medicine Wheel’ of the Native Americans, the ‘Mandala’ of the Tibetan and East Indians, and the ‘Wheel of the Year’ based on Celtic/Pagan Spirituality coupled with my own meditations on it’s symbolism and meanings. This particular piece features different owls of North America: the Great Horned Owl in the East with the New Moon, the Barn Owl in the South  with the 1st quarter, the Great Grey Owl in the west with the Full phase, and the Snowy Owl in the North with the 3rd quarter moon. I consider the Owl as a symbol of ancient female wisdom , the moon energy connections and the unknown. Traditionally, they are also connected with deception and the negative elements of darkness. A number of American Indian tribes attribute hearing an owl to someone passing on to the other side.

This print is a off-set lithograph, signed, 
numbered and limited to 250 in the edition.

Artwork by Sandra SanTara
Copyright 1995  All rights reserved  

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