This piece is part of the ‘Spirit Shield’ series which is loosely based on the ‘Medicine Wheel’ of the Native Americans, the ‘Mandala’ of the Tibetan and East Indians, and the ‘Wheel of the Year’ based on Celtic/Pagan Spirituality coupled with my own meditations on it’s symbolism and meanings. This particular piece features the American Bison of North America and in particular the ‘White’ buffalo and the different colors said to go through in correspondence to the Plains Indian Medicine Wheel. I did this piece in honor of the four white buffalo calves born here in the last couple of years. The Peace pipes in the center representing the masculine and feminine with the feathered Sun in the center and the corresponding Moon phases.

This print is a off-set lithograph, signed, 
numbered and limited to 500 in the edition.

Artwork by Sandra SanTara
Copyright 2000  All rights reserved 
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